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Gallery Room: with 80 square meters, the Gallery Room allows for integrated activities, with mats, chairs arranged in a circle and desks for facilitating group projects and tasks. It is equipped with sound, air conditioning, dimming illumination, exposition panels and flip-charts, as well as a complete projection system that allows for data show presentations.

Meeting and Multimedia Room: Ideal for workshops, lectures and trainings, has free internet access and air conditioning.

Auditorium: Descending room constructed for full visibility, has 50 seats and supporting infrastructure: acoustic treatment, data show, flip-charts, DVD and VHS projector, sound, microphones, one 100 inches projection screen, air conditioning and dimming illumination.

Auditorium Café: Annex for coffee break services.

Library: 1600 titles available to guests.

Inner Yard: a connection between the spaces mentioned above, it is ideal for complementary activities.



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