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In 1988 we acquired a small farm in Itatiba. The main house construction was finished in 1990, and initially it hosted meditation retreats in the weekends.

Out of respect for the local landscape, we built cottages, collected water from the woods and commissioned a catalog of the native vegetation. This natural reserve expanded, allowing for the survival of several species of animals.

The MANDALA, a project by the architect Gilberto Epstein, was finished in 1996, made out of demolition materials.

Immersing ourselves in the tradition of Tibetan mandalas, a temple was raised next to the woods, as a tribute to mother-nature: The MANDALA.

In 2001 we inaugurated the garden cottages, the Study Center and the Flowers Circle, appreciated by our visitors for its aesthetic and functional forms.

Currently groups, ONGs and businesses come to Centro Mandala for a preferential space in which to conduct their activities.

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