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Centro Mandala provides the comfort and relaxation of a country lodging, with the additional benefit of offering multiple service options.

• Accommodation with meals and afternoon tea included in the daily rates.

• Food — delicious meals with diverse menus, salads and vegetables from the organic garden and natural juices.

• Available activities (yoga, water aerobics, massages and stretching).

• Books and movies collection available to guests.

• Free internet.

• Transportation and tours on request.



Available body therapies (with appointments):

Relaxation massage
Duration: 80 min
  Shiatsu Duration:
60 min
  Lymphatic drainage
Duration: 1 hour
Mix lymphatic drainage/modeling massage
Duration: 60 min
  Localized massage
Duration: 30 min
  Localized massage with ultrasound
Duration: 45 min
Hot Stones
3 massages: Shiatsu, Anma and Swedish
Duration: 80 min
Duration: 30 min
  Feet massage with hot stones
Duration: 20 min
Therapeutic bath
Duration: 30 min
  *The prices (between R$ 65,00 and R$ 160,00 - BRL, Brazilian Real) varies
according to the duration and technique utilized.

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